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Friday, March 9, 2012

Apron Tutorial Using Denim Bib Overalls

Ever since I started losing weight, I have discovered thrift shops and consignment shops.  I have my favorites that I frequent that carry good labels and still maintain a fair price.  My last trip to Granville Thrift Shop yielded a beautiful Liz Claiborne blouse for $4 and a L.L. Bean pair of bib overalls for $3.00.  I had to walk around for awhile holding onto the bibs because I have never worn bibs in my life, but they looked like they had been worn and washed only once.  After all, I do plan on spending more time in my garden this summer, and they are L.L. Bean, so why not for $3.00?

 The reaction of Mickey and Ashley when I showed them the bibs was less than what I expected.  It ranged from rolling of the eyes to outright laughter then threats.  OK, I lost that battle, but as I kept looking at them I knew I could do something useful with them.  Days passed and one of the dogs needed a bath.  We went through the ritual of “who is bathing who” and I ended up with my shirt soaked as usual.  Duh!  How about using the bib overalls to make an apron for bathing the dogs and other dirty jobs?  Regular cotton aprons don't provide much help but the thicker denim just might do the trick.
I laid out the bibs and measured from the waist band to where I could cut off the legs just above the crotch.  Let me warn you: make sure you are not cutting any pockets!  
Even out the cut, then do a small double folded hem.  SMALL because you want as much coverage as possible.
I bought 3 yards of lime green jumbo ric rac and sewed it under the hem, but it could be sewed on the front as well as underneath.  I was trying to be a little more subdued (oh yeah, how subdued are bib overalls with lime green ric rac?)  
I had enough ric rac to add it to the whole bib and just enough to add it to the pocket on the bib.
 When I was finished and held it up to check it out, I noticed the pocket hung down a tiny bit below the hem.  I simply folded the pocket a little and sewed it so that it was a little shorter, but still plenty long enough for me to use it.
 I tried it on and it fits!  I spent more on the ric rac than on the bibs, but you could leave off the ric rac and make a ruffle for the bottom out of your fabric stash.  I hope you think this was a creative use of my $3.00 L.L. Bean bibs!


  1. I think most things in life could be improved with the addition of bright green ric rac - I have a bolt of it myself in my sewing room, lol! That's a cute apron, and a great upcycle - hopefully you can use the legs of the overalls too - maybe for lined fabric baskets (and then add the ric rac to them as well) :)

  2. I linked over from pinterest and just love your apron. I especially like the lime green rick rack! Never thought to use my old overalls like this but, I'm going to give it a try! Thanks for such a cute tutorial and I'm following you now!

  3. I have 5 sisters and as many old bib overalls of my dad's. He passed away, all he wore were overalls. This will be a great sentimental gift for all my sisters.